I have a part that is set to NOT Quantity Bearing - wanting it for reference purposes. I put it on a BOM, created a job and printed the traveler and picklist. Neither report indicated it was not quantity bearing. Then I did a mass issue and Epicor and it issued the part. There was no actual inventory transaction - it remained at zero, but there is a transaction showing the part being issued to the job. And job tracker shows it being issued.

From what I can see, there is no indication to operations that this is a reference part. Am I missing something?

Thanks in advance.


Hi Randy,

I don’t think you are missing something. We brought PartPlant into our RDD for Job Pick List to suppress the items that do not have qty bearing checked. We left it alone on the traveler however.


Do you need Qty information on the Job? In E10, you should be able to set the Qty/Parent for the material to 0, so it shows on the Traveler for reference but doesn’t actually pull any material when you issue.


Good point. Thanks.