Part Stuck in Inspection

I have a part I am trying to inactivate, and it is stuck in inspection since 2014. How do I move this along?

Is it in Inspection Processing?

I ran the inspection pending report and found it in there. I am not real familiar with Inspection aspect of Epicor.

What type of inspection is it? I recommend going through the Inspection Processing screen as it separates it into the respective buckets. Not sure if the report does that.

It’s a purchased part. I do have the supplier’s name and date, qty, cost, etc. PO receipts is what the report shows it’s from.

You will have to clear the Inspection Processing and DMR Processing to make the part inactive.
Basically, someone created an Non-Conformance Report in 2014, that was never closed.


Thank you for the info. Can you point me to info on how to do this?

Is it purchase direct to a job or something else? If it is not purchase direct, I would accept the part and then just adjust it out. As long as Accounting was fine with that.

No, just purchased. Where do I go to accept the part?

Under the main menu, Production Management > Quality Assurance > General Operation and open both Inspection Processing and DMR processing.

In Inspection Processing: you can do a search for the Part Number you are trying to choose. Enter the Inspector ID (normally yourself) I am not sure what your processes are, but we ALWAYS fail the parts in Inspection Processing unless the NCR was entered in error. Enter a comment saying something along the line of “closing to make the part invalid” or something like that and save.

Then, open DMR Processing. the latest one should populate at the top of the field. In the Reject tab, reject it in there. Once this is saved, you should be able to make the part inactive.

There is 1 other way around this, and that is to find the labor line that entered the NCR and delete it in Time and Expense Entry.

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