Part Transaction History Tracker QOH issue


Having an issue with Part Transaction History Tracker not showing the correct QOH for the odd part. Some parts show a negative quantity but when checked through various other trackers and through Quantity Adjustments, they all show the correct QOH. When running a stock status report, these parts always show up negative which isn’t true. We have run the ‘Refresh Part Quantities and Allocations’. This corrected most of the discrepancies that we had between trackers, PartBin’s etc but there are a couple that were not fixed. Has anyone had this issue before and if so, what was the corrective action?


There is probably a future dated transaction which will not show in the transaction history.


Running “Refresh partbin QOH from Parttran” might help in your case. It can be found under system management, rebuild processes, mfg/distribution.

Been there several times!

Do that with extreme caution and only for the one part number, and only if absolutely necessary.

In my opinion it is not necessary. But many here do disagree.

I was wondering about the “Refresh partbin QOH from PartTran” but didn’t think it was necessary either. All other parts that were not in sync were corrected when we ran 'Refresh part quantities and allocations" so didn’t feel the need for the aforementioned.

Where it’s a manufactured part, we just use build by dates and have no issues whether the job is completed now or in the next few years and no issues closing a job from previous years unless the parts are serialized. It just changes things on the financial side so I don’t think EAD or future dated transactions are the issue.

That said, the odd part that was off now seems to have corrected itself since I posted this. We haven’t run anymore maintenance but we did do a live to test. I can’t see that affecting anything but you never know.