Part Types / MRP & PO Suggestions

Why would I get a PO Suggestion for a Manufactured part? As well as another PO Suggestion for a Transfer type part record. There isn’t a single reference of those two parts being Purchased so wondering why I’d get a sugg to buy it…

Sam, check that the transfer part does not have any days of supply or purchase lead times. I have seen where a transfer part with those settings would generate a PO Suggestion. The transfer part should only have a transfer lead time (optional). Only the part marked as purchase should have planning attributes

Check that the manufactured part is set as part type mfg on the part site record.

Hi Sam,

Make sure that your part / site tab is set for manufactured (1st screenshot), not just the front page part detail. After that, the demand will determine how the part is going to get fulfilled. Is there any chance the part is being used on a job and someone put it as job material and checked purchase direct (second screenshot) on it? Any chance someone checked buy to order on sales order release (3rd screenshot)?
As far as transfer, does your part detail site that is receiving the transferred part have transfer selected? Want to show screenshot of part / site tabs? Timephase?


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If it is a part on the fly, there is a setting in company configuration to set the default sales order line type. If it’s purchased and the part isn’t setup in the part master, any new sales order line would default to a purchase order suggestion.

Hi Jenn,

I haven’t used this because we default to make, but how about this?


We have both the “Manufactured” option on the top and the “Make to Order” that you have highlighted. I’ve never seen this setup generate a purchase order though. MRP hasn’t been able to create the job because there isn’t a method, but it always showed up in the planning workbench as a “new” demand.

We did put logging on some key fields on the part master, they come in helpful when I get MRP is broke calls… Helps to tell if someone had a part setup as purchased for the day and changed it back in the morning, or non-stock over an MRP run but stocked after :wink:.