Part Usage Query or Report

Has anyone created a part usage report similar to some of the data in Part Transaction History? It would be great to have a BAQ, report, or dashboard that could be created based on usage. I am hoping this will be simple. However, I thought I would see what others are doing or have done without “reinventing the wheel”. We are looking to find qty used by week, qtr, and year.

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Have you looked at Part Advisor?

Here is one I have for looking at usage.
Looks at 30, 60, 90 6Mths, 1Yr , 2Yr and 3Yr
For us it is only looking a transaction types MFG-CUS, STK-CUS & STK-MTL (SubQuery1). You may need more depending on your business. There is also a filter on SubQuery3 for Part Class, you will need to change to yours or remove.
PartUsageHistory-P5.baq (34.3 KB)


Thank you. It is appreciated.

Chris, I am trying to verify some of the figures. When the report is ran are the figures as of the date the report is ran. Ie: if I run it on 10/20/2023 is that used as the date for the calculations? Thus, the 365 (YTD) figure would be 10/20/2022 to 10/20/2023 and the 30 days be 30 calendar days or 30 shop days?

Range would be 10/21/2023 to 10/20/2023. Should have a <= in formula for dates. All date calcs are for Calendar days.

The SD180 field is actual 183 days, someone wanted 6 mths after it was done.

Thank you. I was able to verify and match some figures. This will be very helpful