Hello All,
I am working with the PartDtl table to create a different view of the TimePhase screen. Does anyone know the logic behind the PartDtl.StockTrans field? I can’t figure out the logic behind its value. Data Dictionary says “Indicates if this requirement/receipt affects stock.”
Thanks for any insights you might have.

I’m sure this is not the whole definition, but as an example. A part marked quantity bearing would be true for that field and a part that is not quantity bearing would be false.

I think we figured it out. I guess I just needed sleep.
If its an Assemblies then StockTrans=0, If its Material and JobMtl.BuyIt=1 then StockTrans=0 else 1

Double check your theory against the PartTran.InventoryTrans field that results from eventual part transaction.