Partially Shipped Transfer Orders marked as Shipped

Our people handling transfer orders between sites will occasionally ship a line but not the whole order. This marks the whole order as shipped and they aren’t able to update the information they are keeping in the comment fields on the transfer order.

Is this a process problem on our end or is Epicor doing something unexpected?

Also curious what the answer here is. It looks like it’s a receive the entire transfer order shipment or not deal, but that leaves no room for lines/quantities missing, etc. Seems like there should be a way to select which lines to receive and/or update quantities to receive.

It is possible to part ship and part receive part of a transfer order and have the remaining items remain open - this is standard functionality.

On the Transfer Order Shipment the users enter the item(s) shipped - anything on the Transfer Order that is not shipped is still shown as open (the same as in Customer Shipment Entry)

On the Transfer Order Receipt the users enter the items(s) received

If not all of the order is shipped/received the transfer order will remain open.

Have a look to see if you have customizations or bpms that may be causing the issue, if not then it is process

@SueLowden, are you talking about in the Classic or Kinetic version?

I ask because that is the behavior that we had with the Classic version, but since switching to the Kinetic version that seems to have gone away. Even the prompt for receiving the lines is labeled “Receive All.”

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Doesn’t matter the version of the form that i am using - have you looked to see if you have customizations?

@SueLowden I’d love to see some screenshots of how you accomplish this in Kinetic, because I see nowhere that the receiving location can uncheck/choose not to receive a specific pending line of a Pack, delete a pending line, or even alter quantities on those lines prior to clicking the “Receive All” action.

We do not have any customizations or BPMs impacting receipt of Transfer Orders.

Also, not sure which version of Kinetic that you’re trying this on, but I wonder if it’s a version prior to 2023.1 (where I’m seeing this behavior), given the much older Epicor version listed next to your name.

My version may not be up to date as i am an Epicor Implementation Consultant so working across multiple versions…the version that i tested this on was 2023.1.5

I can see a suggestion in the demo system for 10 x parts to be shipped from Rockford from Chicago:

Then i can add a Transfer Order Shipment for any quantity against the Transfer Order (in this case 2 have been shipped from site a to site b)

And later i can ship part/all of the remaining quantity

We are having a difficult time addressing this with our FLEET team in the field. We have a series of service trucks that run routes and service our customers from inventory on their trucks. The best way to address these in Epicor was to do Multi-Site and have each van setup as a “site” in the system which gets its parts fulfilled by TRANSFER from MfgSys. So, the truck folks are asking how they short-receive a transfer shipment. The instance that we are looking at is when the folks at MfgSys say they shipped qty 10 and then the truck folks receive only 9. They count 9 at receipt but are forced to Receive All. Meaning now the truck is not carrying the proper quantity. They could do a quantity adjust after receipt but that still shorts the trucks accuracy, and not MfgSys. Of course, I am asking why we are saying we shipped 10, when we only actually sent 9 (hypothetically). And the reply is… sometimes we mis-count, sometimes one rolls off the carrier’s truck :slight_smile: . etc.

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It’s like that in 10.2.500 as well.

I’ve done it accidentally in List view.

Here’s an open pack:

I’ll put a date in line 1:

And it receives only the one:

I mean, you said prior to “Receive All,” and OK, no, I didn’t do Receive All. And I didn’t change the quantity.

What’s also terrible is that it looks like pack 1384 has nothing left to receive now: