Partially Shipping Make Direct & MtlUnitCost

Does anyone know Epicor logic why when you ship multiple partial shipments and then you run WIP Recon or COS/WIP it moves the entire MtlUnitCost up to the first shipment?

In this scenario I shipped 1 and 1 more… different PackSlips, different Invoices and the cost rolled up to the first.


TranNum PartNum WareHouseCode BinNum TranClass TranType InventoryTrans TranDate TranQty UM MtlUnitCost
3588169 JC Test 5 448-OBD DOOR01 S MFG-CUS 0 2021-02-22 1.00000000 ea 23.45250
3588132 JC Test 5 448-OBD DOOR01 S MFG-CUS 0 2021-02-22 1.00000000 ea 0.00000

What happens is your Sales Gross Margin will show now

  • Invoice 1 as -100% profit
  • Invoice 2 as 200% profit

@jgiese.wci WIP expert! :slight_smile: any insights.

If it’s costed then your kind of stuck, sometimes when you complete the Job and then cost it, it tends to iron out the costs (spread them out).

I’ve seen that the cost of a make direct job won’t hit until the last of the production qty is shipped.

Ditto for make to stock. The cost of the last qty (that meets or exceeds the production qty) will have all the costs.


after a re-read, you’re seeing the opposite that I’ve seen. I see all the costs lumped in the last transaction from WIP

What does the production Detail report (with show transactions) look like?

I would have to rebuild a new job, kinda ruined that one :slight_smile:

Here is the replication:

  1. Make a Job, heck even make it a POF
  2. Add Demand to SO
  3. Add some Material with ProdQty 10
  4. Ship 1
  5. Run Inv WIP Recon
  6. Ship 1
  7. Run Inv WIP Recon

Check PartTran MtlUnitCost. You don’t even have to Invoice it yet.

What I’ve seen, is that doing the above would only show the STK-MTL trans, as the MFG-CUS would have both been zero. Not until the 10th was shipped from the job would I see the costs in WIP (from step 3), hit the COS (or AR accrual) account.

This is what we see because we don’t report qty’s

Are you reporting any completed qty’s along the way? Back in your first example (job for qty 2), if you reported 2 being produced, prior to your first shipment, I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s why all costs hit the COS for the first shipment

I just focused on Materials, didn’t report qty complete before shipping. I’ll test that, good point.