Pass arguments into report builder

I long time ago, somebody had given me this command line to execute report builder.

Progress = "V:\PRGS91D\bin\prowin32.exe V:\MFGSYS61\db\mfgsys.db -ininame " & _
"V:\MFGSYS61\mfgsys.ini -pf V:\MFGSYS61\db\ -N TCP -H loc-vntg -S " & _
"6100 -ld mfgsys -p """ & ReportPath & ReportName & """ -rand 2 -q -basekey ini"""

I used this to launch reports from a Microsoft access interface. When this runs, the report builder filter pops up and users can make changes.

Is it possible to pass arguments into a report builder report without having to use the report builder interface? I want to be able to have the Microsoft Access ask for the parameters and then the command line to run the report with those parameters.


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