Pass field value using Right-Click Open with from Custom Dashboard to Kinetic Program

I have developed a Dashboard containing a Customer ID field and I want to right-click on this field and open Customer Credit Manager - any ideas how best to do this?

How are you populating this field in the dashboard? Is it from a BAQ?

If so, in your BAQ, you can set the “Like” properties there (Display Field Attribute Editor) which should (may?) give you the standard CustID context menu. Customer Credit Manager isn’t included in the standard context menu, so you’d have to add it. But it would then be visible on all instances of CustID fields throughout the system.

If the field is being populated in your dashboard as part of a Dataview, you can open the DataView in Application Studio and create a Custom Context Menu.

Further details can be found here… though, it is an older post, so steps may have changed.

Hi - I am populating the field through a BAQ - I will run through your suggestion and fingers crossed it bursts into life.

Thank you.