Pass JobNum to Part Lot Attribute Entry Screen in Job Receipt to Inv

In “Job Receipt to Inventory” there's a screen “Part Lot Attribute Entry” that's presented when the OK button is clicked

On this screen we have added a field called “Production Unit” that is stored in PartLot.Character01, up until now this field has been populated by the legacy system using service connect.

However when the legacy system is retired we want the field to default to a value help in Resource.ShortChar10. I’m trying to find this value using JobOpDtl and using the ResourceID held on that record.

However the “Part Lot Attribute Entry” screen does not contain JobNum.

I tried passing jobNum using CallContextBPMData but I could not get it to work I looked at “Foreign Key View” but could not see how this would work.

Has any one any
ideas or should I accept it’s something that can’t be done?

I'm guessing it's something that can't be done - oh well they'll just have to key manually

You have to customize the button to pass an lfo to the screen, then customize the receiving screen to consume that information

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  <p>I&#39;m guessing it&#39;s something that can&#39;t be done - oh well they&#39;ll just have to key manually</p>


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Thanks Jose, I've never used lfo before so I'm going to look it up 

Ok brilliant I thought, so lets give it a go the first thing I did was create a “test” button on a copy of the customisation.

And firstly used the Event Wizard to create the code that would call the “Job Entry” screen using the example in the “Epicor ICE User Experience & Customization Guide” so I knew that I was on the right track.

That worked and so I thought I was smokin!

However that's the end of my luck!

Now when I try to call the customisation I actually want in developer mode I see “LotNumberEntry_SalesPart_IP” and not “PartLotAttributeEntry_SalesPart_SMR”, the customisation I want.

Here's the code from my script:

private void btnTest_Click(object sender, System.EventArgs args)


// ** Place Event Handling Code Here **

LaunchFormOptions lfo = new LaunchFormOptions();

lfo.IsModal = false;

lfo.SuppressFormSearch = true;

lfo.ValueIn = "Car Crash";

ProcessCaller.LaunchForm(RcptToInvForm, "UDPrtLot", lfo);


I don't expect it to work but I thought it would call the right customisation.

“UDPrtLot” has been set up in “Menu Maintenance” under “Processes” and I've also set it up in “Process Calling Maintenance”.

So what have I missed?