Pass Variable from PreProcessing to PostProcessing


Working on a BPM to add a miscellaneous charge to a line. I am able to capture the order and line in the preprocessing but not in the post processing as the post processing reports there is more than one line. Is there a way to pass the variables from the preprocessing to the post processing?

Store the OrderLine in BPM CallContext.Number01 field and use that in Post Processing.


Trying that now.


Well that did not work.

I set 2 BPM Data fields on PreProcessing for SalesOrder.Update for CallContext Number01 and callContect Number02 and then enabled postprocessing directives

Then I created a Post Processing directive enabled by the PreProcessing and popped up a message to show the values and they were both 0


That should have worked as we do that from time to time. Can you post screen shots of the preprocessing BPM.

Well I got it to work. I made a mistake in the BPM using the condition. The condition was right but I linked the message on the false side. After fixing I do get the information. Thanks.


All good now. This can be closed.