Passing Documents Through Quality Process


HI everyone,
We are trying to use document linking more often in Epicor to be more efficient at sharing data. My quality department wants to be able to like documents to a Non Conformance and have them linked to the DMR after it is created. I am guessing this would be a BPM. Has anyone done something like this? Any ideas where to start?

Hello Melissa,

There are two objects used for document linking: XFileRef and XFileAttach. The XFileRef is a single record for the file attached while the XFileAttach has a record for each object that the file is linked to. So if you have the XFileRef for the NC, you should be able to create a record for the DMR.

I think a trace of the DMR should show you the required steps to add it to the DMR. A BPM should work but you’ll want to add logic so that you only add it once. :slight_smile:

Mark W.