Passing parameters over business objects

Does anyone know how to pass parameters from one BO to another BO?
Example : receipt entry : enter a receipt line (BO : receipt). Then press the button for the serialnumbers (BO : SelectedSerialNumbers).
I want to pass information regarding the supplier and lotnumber from the receipt to the selectedserialnumbers.
Do you think this is possible?
Or otherwise : how can I access the receipt information from within the selectedserialnumbers?


This is totally possible, I’m assuming that you want to pass this parameters to perform the serial Numbers button functionality within code on the Receipt update, if that’s so you should create a BPM with LINQ code first you have to retrieve the current datarow for the receipt you are trying to update then with the partnumber, you should join the Part table to check if it is a Serial Tracking Part then after you got this, you should have to go back to where you do the serial numbers and activate the trace to see the business objects that are acting through the serial numbers process, then with that said, you can use them to join the LINQ previously created and that’s how you are going to be able to pass parameters from the receipt to the serialnumbers process.

I hope this helps you.

I had to figure this out for passing information from Receipt to Lot Update (The requirement to pass a Minimum best before date from purchase order). To do this, I ended up using a UD table where the keys were LotNum and CurrentUserID and the Date01 for the data. This was set in the Erp.Receipt.UpdateMaster method and then read/used/deleted in Erp.LotSelectUpdate.GetNewPartLot.
One thing to note is that the handheld uses different methods so I had to duplicate my method directive used in Erp.Receipt.UpdateMaster for Erp.Receipt.PreUpdate. If you’re using Handheld, you might want to consider this.

I assume this will be similar for serial numbers as lot details, but other methods can often use the BPM Data fields. Unfortunately, the BPM Data filds are blanked out somewhere between Erp.Receipt.UpdateMaster and Erp.LotSelectUpdate.GetNewPartLot methods.

Thanks guys for helping me out.