Password for Epicor SQL database


We need to change the SQL database password on Epicor live environment. Can anyone share the process to change password for SQL database?


Are you using Windows Auth or SQL Auth? If you are using Windows Auth change the password in Active Directory and then make sure the account used in SQL is setup in the server config. If you are using SQL Auth you can change the password through SSMS and then enter the new password in the database connection. You will need to click deploy to deploy the change.

If you are using Windows Authentication I would look at the services on your Epicor Servers to see what the Logon As Account is.

@chaddb we have a SQL database admin ID and password but from the application server on database connection I can see it is Windows authentication. In that case if we change the password for SQL database admin ID it will impact the Epicor operation?


@Matt_Belshaw can you please share from where we can check “Logon As Account”?

Standard Microsoft services applet:

Its show “Epicor ICE Task Agent” logon as “Local System” and “Epicor Search Indexer” logon as domain user.

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If the logon domain user is the same as what you see in Chad’s screenshot then you MAY need to change both.

I say MAY as it’s not always clear how the service got created like that but best to be aware.

@Matt_Belshaw it is domain user. That means if we change the password for this user on AD we might need to update the password on service manually if system ask for it.

Yes, if you change the domain user password you will need to update the service. Will need to restart the service when you change the password.

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It will if you don’t update the Epicor services and the deployment. Need to update the services and redeploy the app with the new credentials.

@chaddb we are using Windows authentication still we need to update the services and redeploy the app after changing the SQL admin password?

whatever user password you change will need to be updated everywhere it is used.

Yes. Will also need to update the app pool password if it’s a Windows account. As @Matt_Belshaw said, anywhere the account is referenced will need to be updated.