Paste Insert into a Child UD table

I have added a UD table as a child to another table using the Customization wizard. When I try to Paste Insert into that grid, Epicor chokes and eventually crashes. What do I need to do to make Paste Insert work? I’m wondering if the 3 Read Only fields on the screen are causing this.

I had a similar paste insert issue. Please see this post and see if this is your issue.

Yeah, I looked at that one before I made this thread and tried to figure out if that would solve my issue and it didn’t. I changed all the ‘integer’ fields to have the . after the mask and format, and it still died. (locks up for a while, then finally sends some info to Microsoft and prompts to debug or close it).

Are you able to manually tab off the last cell of the first row, manually enter data for the second row and tab to the third row without errors? I had an issue like this (that also prevented me from paste/insert on my UD table.
This was the solution I used for that issue.

I’ll have to try this one, because I can’t do tab off without errors. I’ll let you know if it works :slight_smile:

Woohoo, that worked! Thank you so much!

I am glad this worked for you. I am working on my first implementation and we have not gone live yet. I do not have an IT background either, so I am happy that I have been able to help this community that has been a wonderful resource for me.