Paste Insert/Update Engineering Workbench error

Users are trying to Paste into Engineering Workbench.

They are getting this error

While trying to paste this from excel.

I have been playing around for an hour or so trying to get this to work. Do I just copy and Paste the whole table? The same Business Logic Error keeps popping up before the UOM can be added.

I can add the part manually, but that is not ideal when there are 150 parts to add. I was going to go the DMT route, but would like the users to be able to do this on their own if possible.

Interesting the column says UOM Code but it appears its a UOM Description being displayed (potentially). Have you verified that Each is in fact a valid UOM CODE?

I saw that as well.

It is ‘Each’ in the Part as well as the Erp.ECOMtl tables.

I wonder if it wants the Desc that is stored in the UOM table which is ‘EA’. I will try that.

That still didn’t work.

Are you able to paste insert/update into the combobox?