Patch upgrades

We were told to upload an updated Patch. Is this only available for companies that are on icloud? Or can on premise do this also?


On premise gets them as well.

Thank you
How do i upgrade one? or is there anywhere i can look it up?

It’s in EpicWeb; do you have a login for it?

yes i looked there i didn’t see anything

Thank you I did see that but how do i know which one to upload. They said we haven’t uploaded patches. I believe they said to upload version 7 and below?

I mean, personally, I always just choose the latest release which, in this case, would be 2022.2.10.

ok thank you. Does everyone need to be out of Kinetic for me to do this?

Yes–you should only install stuff like that during planned maintenance windows if possible. It will take Kinetic down for the duration of the upgrade.

ok thank you one more quick question We are on verision 2022.1 so everything that is listed on my screen i should upgrade or if i upgrade the most current version that would update everything before that? Or do i have to do each individually. Here is my screen shot.

Hi Tanya,
Just my 2 cents but if you don’t know the answers to these questions I urge you to contact Epicor support for some help. Who did your original installation and setup?

These are not things that should be done without some thought / testing etc you can shoot yourself in the foot quite easily.


ok i will do that Thank you