Patreon Annual Payment

It would be really nice to be able to do a annual payment so our credit cards aren’t getting monthly charges. The options to spread $XXX across 12/6/3 months would be great. Not sure if Patreon has that ability or not.

Hi Jason,

At this point, I don’t think so. Patreon tried to adjust for this not too long ago and it back-fired on them. What they do do is make one credit card charge and spread it out over all over Patreon subscriptions, which I have about five (now six) and in that way it reduces the bite of the transaction fees. Of course, you can always cancel so set up a payment and then cancel after the 1st of the month (when they usually bill everyone) and then put a tickler into your calendar for next year.

Mark W.


Hi Jason,
The official response from Patreon is what Mark suggested. Thank you!

Hello Jose,
I want to contribute to the site costs AND stop the ads.

Patreon now has the ability to charge annual memberships, if enabled by the site’s creator.

Is that something you would consider? I much prefer a one time payment to monthly.
Andy Lintz

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I just pressed to contribute, and it asked for email and password…but I have a feeling I was creating a new account… my Patreon profile is empty…

Can you combine with my original if that is the case ? Otherwise I lose all my previous stats ?



Thanks for enabling! A one time payment is way easier to get reimbursed for than a monthly charge.

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I was able to change mine to a yearly membership after logging in. I also upgraded to the Sustaining Member in the process. There is a discount being offered for the yearly.

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It’s all good…now…


Awesome thank you all!

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