Paying vendors from packing slips (receivers)

We have several vendors which we actually pay from packing slips (receivers)
in place of an AP invoice. Our procedure is shipping/receiving enters the
packing slip when the item(s) are received and forwards the packing slip to
AP. AP then enters an invoice from the same piece of paper (a non-value
added function). We have been trying to find a more efficient way to handle
this process. I have made the following enhancement request to Epicor, but
do not expect any results soon, if ever.
Summary: AP Pay vendors from packing slips
Book: Enhancement Requests
Request no.: 7448MPS

SUGGESTED ENHANCEMENT: We have vendors that we pay from packing slips
without an AP invoice. Our Receiving Dept. enters the packing slip,
forwards it to AP, and AP enters an invoice from the same piece of paper.
What we need is an option, when entering a vendor packing slip , to flag it
as "post directly to payables" or "use to create AP invoice" and they could
be pulled into an AP invoice group similar to DMRs or customer shipments
pull into an AR invoice group.
If you have any interest in this process, please add your name to this
request. In the meantime, I was wondering if anyone has found a better way
to handle this process (that they feel they can share).

Jerry Boyle
Sipco Molding Technologies
Meadville, Pa. 16335-6725
814.724.2243 x53
vantage 5.00.337