Payment Entry - Invoice Payment Selection - how to link a Vendor field to grid display

In the Select Invoices Action in Payment Entry, I want to be able to select invoices that will be paid via electronic payment SEPARATE from payment by check. The most efficient way to do this seems to be to display the Electronic Payment field from the Vendor table as part of the Invoice Payment Selection grid.

This requires linking the data source APInvSel.VendorNum to Vendor.VendorNum and then adding the Electronic payment field as a column on the grid. However, the Vendor table is not included as a data source on this particular action.

I have the Developer tools but I’m not sure of the best way to go about this. Any suggestions?

If I remember my V8 correctly, you should be able to set up an additional Payment Method with a title of “Electronic” but check off the method as a check or manual check.

Then set up the vendors/suppliers with that new payment method. I don’t remember if the open invoices for those suppliers will have to be changed, but any new invoices will use that payment method.

When doing the check run, you will then be able to do separate check runs using the “Check” method and the “Electronic” method. As selected in the opening screen.

Payment Methods can’t be setup in Vantage. Your solution would work in Epicor 10 where Payment Methods can be created and Payment Entry is able to filter methods for the Group.

I ended up creating new AP Account codes for Suppliers flagged for electronic payments.