Payroll deduction missing the expense account

We are running 10.2.200 working on moving to the latest Kinetic. We added two new payroll deductions and an associated GL controls. Running the first payroll, it is out of balance by the amount of one of the new deductions. She didn’t enter anything in the expense account for the GL control for either of the new deductions. Looking through the existing deductions, most do not have an expense account listed.

I figure we can fix the problem by adding the expense account but I am trying to figure out why the other ones work and where the default is coming from. There are no GL controls assigned to the departments so not sure where else to look.

Shot in the dark here. Have you checked the GL Account Context for Payment Type - Labor Code in Control Type Maintenance? If that exists, then check in GL Control Maintenance after selecting the Payment Type - Labor Code that the GL account is assigned there for each Account Context. Hope this helps

Thanks for the idea Todd but I don’t think that is it. That is setup for the different departments but holds the GL account for the wages.

The one I am looking for would be related to fringe benefit expenses. I went through all the other GL Control types and didn’t find anything that seemed related either.

Looks like this is somehow tied to the built in deductions for employer match in our 401k. In the GL controls for standard 401k deductions, we don’t have anything in the expense account but we do have an entry in the employer match. This was setup with the help of consultants a few years back.

The one we are adding is for a ROTH 401k with employer match so looks like it needs to be setup the same way.