Payroll integration to Quickbooks Payroll - iif file format

Is anyone integrating E10 to Quickbooks payroll? Quickbooks wants an iif file format to import, and the E10 External Payroll Integration outputs a .csv format. Google tells me there are companies offering a conversion. Is anyone using any of these, and are there any gotchas? TIA


Hi Jeff,

If your unsure about using third party apps you could compile your own .iif file.The delimiter in a .iif file is TAB whereas in a .csv file its a COMMA. So it should be a simple as running some custom code triggered from a bpm Post operation. Your code would simply import the .csv file replace all COMMAs With TABs and then output a .iif file.

Your code should look something like this.

string csvFile = File.ReadAllText(@"\\[YourEpicorServer]\[YourFolder]\[YourFileName]");
string iffFile = csvFile.Replace(",", "\t");
System.IO.File.WriteAllText(@"\\[YourEpicorServer]\[YourFolder]\iffEpicorExport_"+[YourName]"+".iff", iffFile); 
/* change eveying in the square braces with your folder location and filename*/

There may be a need to change the column headers but its worth a try.



Thanks for the response Ben. From my understanding, the conversion is more than just the delimiter, with a number of resources I’ve found referring to multi-line header and multi-line detail records. Mostly, we are wanting to find out if anyone else is using Quickbooks Payroll with E10 before we go too far down that road.


I know this is an oldie, but I was wondering, is spitting out an .iif file for QuickBooks really that easy? Just set the delimiter as a tab, and cycle through appropriately. Is that correct? I just want to make sure there isn’t anything tricky/proprietary about an .iif that would be a hangup for QuickBooks to understand the iif input.

Thank you kindly!

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