PCID Pick/Pack Question

Does anybody here use PCIDs for picking/packing?

I’m not able to figure out the process to move picked items out of a static PCID and move them/combine them into a dynamic PCID for packing.

Using dymanic PCIDs in our shipping process has saved us considerable time, being able to go paperless with the EMW would help us streamline the entire process.

EDIT: I guess I should say we’re on 10.2.500.5

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


I 'm currently solutioning with this functionality.

Fortunately, I don’t have to deal with static PCIDs, but, you may want to look at the Build/Split/Merge screen.

HOWEVER, and this is a big one with no time frame from Epicor on when this will change - You cannot move a PCID in SOPICK status into Basically means, if you pick parts into a smaller box then try to put many of these smaller boxes into a Parent PCID you cannot (hard stop error).

Yes, I have noticed that once the inventory goes from picking to pick, and the PCID changes from Empty to SOPICK, there’s nothing down process you can do with that PCID except create a pack.

Combining picked items together from multiple team members pulling orders and being able to pack them together using PCIDs would really be nice.

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We are using dynamic PCIDs and found some of the same limitations. Has anyone run into a situation where you have a single sales order line that will not fit into a single box (PCID). When attempting to add the PCIDs to a pack, we get a business logic error that basically says that you cannot split a line. We have to repack the PCID so that the full line quantity is in one PCID. Any know work-arounds?

There are no known workarounds. It is a hard stop that there is no plan (with a timeline) to remove at this time. Resorting to a custom so can ship Multi SO PCIDs.

I tried what you said, and it doesn’t give me an error. We shipped one line in 3 different PCID dynamic packages. What version are you running?

You have different PCIDs so you should be fine. It is only if the different SOs are on the same PCID that has the hard stop.