PE Log Viewer - decoding

I see the following in my PE Log viewer after running Inv/WIP Recon (which uses the Posting Engine to determine the accounts to use):

That looks like it is complaining about a GLC on a warehouse, but I’ve never set any GLC’s at the warehouse level. We are multi-site, and use GLC to substitute the division segment based on the site.
And that’s been working fine - meaning everything posts properly. I’ve not seen this before, but probably because I was never looking. So maybe it’s been in the PE Log since day 1.

Anyway … Should I be concerned about this and setup GLC’s at the warehouse level? I’ve not set them up assuming the GLC at the Company level would be used for the GL Acct’s, with the Site GLC being used to override the Division segment.

Here’s what I have:

  • Company Config form

    • Inventory COS and WIP type, whose GLC code has GL accts specified for all required Contexts
  • Site Config form

    • No GLC’s
  • Site Maintenance form

    • All sites have a GLC of type Division setup. GLC Codes similar to:
      with different division #'s for the different sites (-00-, -11-, -16-, etc…)
  • Warehouse form - none of the warehouses, on any site, have any GLC’s setup.

Should I have GLCs for Company, Site, and Warehouse? The warehouse ones would be identical to the Company ones.

My first thought is no, it’s not required, but I’ll let experts weigh in.

I will say, though, there is a degree to which you will always get those warnings. I was looking at the PE log the other day at a PUR-UKN transaction and it said that about the warehouse GLC, and I thought, “But I do have a GLC on that warehouse!”

Come to find out, a PO to “other” (a PUR-UKN) has no warehouse on the release tab of the PO. So of course there is no GLC for that warehouse - there’s no warehouse!

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I guess I only really need to worry when the warning icon is accompanied with a “Red X” icon, like: