Percentage Bar graph/chart under epicor data discovery

Hello Folks,

I need a little help here. I have created a new view from a BAQ for late shipment statistics for last 12 months. What we are looking here is data in bar chart. Our executive wants to look in Percentage. Any work around for this?

I tried to convince him for Pie-chart but he wants percentage bar graph.

Any help will be appreciated. Thank you in advance,

What does your BAQ look like? I think this is possible by forcing the BAQ to show the calculated fields you need in the EDD view.

Does the stacked bar chart work for this? In your top screen there are chart icons. you want the second to last one. You may also be interested in the Pareto graph, which is similar.

I understand that. The way it is now should be fine but just need to see percentage there.

I don’t think EDDs are that flexible. You could certainly do it in PowerBI with a REST call. Thats getting a little outside of the scope here. You could try calculating the percentages into a calculated field in the BAQ, then you might be able to insert that calculated field in the EDD.