Performance Issue When Printing

We have had an intermittent performance issue when users print (typically invoices or pick tickets) and when this issue occurs it generally affects everyone on that server. When the issue occurs we look to see if there are any CPU/memory/network issues, but aren’t finding any. Has anyone else encountered performance issues when printing, and if so, how did you resolve it?

How much are they printing?

When you say it affects everyone do you mean printing slows down, or everything in the system slows down?

Can you try enabling logging and after seeing issues load the log into PDT to see what is taking so much time?

I believe the users are typically printing only one document, but I don’t know how many users at the same time are trying to print. Everyone on that one server that tries to print, experiences freezing at the same exact time. We get calls from 20 users all sitting at either a window waiting for the print options to come up or reporting that they selected their printer and hit print 8 minutes ago [not exaggerated] but a physical document has not come out of the printer. Anyone using the computer to do other things in P21 and other things in Outlook and other business applications do not experience slowness in the program or when printing from that program.

I am not familiar with the acronym PDT. We have enabled logging at the system level and within P21 and have worked on this for the past 2 years with Microsoft, Epicor, and 3rd parties like Heraflux and paid services.

Epicor case# CS0002406662