Periodic BAQ Report "Invalid Path" Message

For awhile now, we’ve been experiencing this problem where we start getting a lot of reports that will finish running with an “Invalid Path F:/Epicor/EpicorData/etc~” error and the xml file won’t be created. We’ve found that going through our “EpicorData/Reports” folder and deleting a lot of unneeded xml files generally helps stop this from happening, but it seems to be happening regardless of that lately. Has anyone else run into this problem before and have any possible solutions?


  1. While this problem is occurring, it seems random on whether or not a new report will run into this error or load fine. For example, if someone get this problem, they will generally run the report with the same criteria another time or two until it finally loads correctly.
  2. While some particular reports seem to run into this report more often (we have a PartBarCode report that seems to experience it the most), it seems like any report is susceptible to it.
  3. We are currently on Epicor 9.05

We’ve been having this issue too on 9.05 and haven’t found a solution and have used the workaround you described. Have you tried changing the permissions level on the root folder of the path destination to full access if that helps?

We have not, but I’ll talk to my IT coworker about implementing that change! On a side note, I did mention this problem at the Epicor conference last year to one of the speakers and he mentioned that he thought it could be some kind of Windows File System problem (possibly having to do with the total amount of report xml files or the overall file size combined). But my coworkers and I find that unlikely due to how we have several versions of Windows experiencing this problem and it’s something that never occurred in the past.

As a quick update, we contacted Epicor and they said it’s a known issue that’s fixed in Epicor 10. So, deleting old xml files might just be the best thing and only thing to do. One thing I’ve done though to at least make it easier is to create a powershell script that goes through all of the user folders in “EpicorData” and deletes them if they’re older than one day. It also excludes a few certain users and files that we want to keep.