Personilization to Customization

How can I make a personalization a customization? I would like to take what I’ve done and default it but it needs to be a customization.

First you’d need to make sure you have permissions for customizations. (User Account Security > Options > Check off Customize Privileges.) Then you turn on Developer Mode and open the form you’re customizing and make your changes. You save the customization making the same changes as your personalization, and then you attach your customization to a menu item (or may need to copy menu item so you are able to apply the customization). I think the instructions are slightly different depending if you’re in the cloud or on-prem. If you’ve never done it, check out the Customization User guide for the step by step instructions. The Tools Guide too. Those guides are great, they taught me so much. Hope that sets you on the right track.

Hello, I tried this but it doesn’t seem to be working. When I go in to make layout changes then select customization and save it there it still makes a personalization. I’m not using the “save layouts” option. Our Epicor consultant showed us how to do this before but he’s out for a bit.
I distinctly remember he has us save it as a personalization then convert that to a customization to be able to default it menu maintenance.

What were the steps you took?
Save layouts is for personalizations. If you are moving around columns in a grid, for example, once you have them the way you like, you have to go up to Actions > Save Layout. That creates your personalization, and now each time you open that form, you will see the layout you saved. That is just for you.

A customization would allow you to set that same view for everyone, or for a specific group. Are you trying to make this a default for everyone, or you just want that screen to always look the same way for yourself?

I believe we used save layouts and made a personalization first. Then we converted that personalization to a customization somehow.

When I make changes like moving columns or tabs around and go into tools > customizations and save in that screen, it still shows up as a personilization. I know the difference as I’ve made both before.

If you have already saved a customization, then to apply it go to Menu Maintenance. Navigate to the form you want to apply it to, and in the Customization field, check if you see your customization listed.

If so, select it and Save.

If your Customization field is greyed out, then you have to copy it first, so you can set the customization. I believe that is because we’re on the cloud. Yours may not be greyed out if you’re on-prem. Do you see anything in the Customization field?

Customizations are working and I am familiar with the process to default them. What I don’t know how to do is convert a personalization to customization. Once that is completed then I can default it using the steps you are showing.

Did you see this? Convert Personalization to Customization

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Looks like this is working to an extent. When I move around columns or tabs and save them using that method it works fine. In my case I’m trying to use the auto-populate feature in quote entry and it is not working as a customization. Works fine as a personalization. It will even work on column changes for the records that do show up but just not for the actual auto-populate feature.
Thanks for all the help.

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