Convert Personalization to Customization

Is there a way to convert a personalization to a customization so that it becomes the default for everyone through menu maintenance? One of our users created a very useful amount of changes to Job Entry and we would prefer to deploy as a customization rather than have every user import the personalization.

when you go to customize, open up their personaliztion, then save as a customization. It should pick up the personalization changes in the cusomization. (that’s a lot of ations!)

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Thank you. I’ll have to test this to ensure it brings over the custom code we had in the original but this should elp a lot!

Can you confirmed that this did or did not work? I’ve tried it and it doesn’t bring over the personalized items, not that I can see. Maybe it works with some items and not others? It definitely did not bring over the Toolbar personalizations that were made. Maybe just the customizable items? Like the grid fields?

I can’t confirm in regards to toolbar as we have never customized this. Are you still on 10.1.400?

Hi Brandon,

I tried your suggested way and it works! I get a follow up question–is there a way to set this customization as the default for every user?


As long as it’s applied in the menu maintenance, it should be the default for every user. Make sure you apply the customization to every place the screen show up. And if there are personalizations over the customization, you may have to delete the personalizations.

Thanks!! Super helpful!

Hmmm… just had a similar request to convert a user personalization to a customization,
and am saw similar behavior with custom toolbars.

When I select the personalization with custom toolbars AND I’m in Developer Mode, only “Personalization” appears in the Tools menu, not “Customization” as I’d expect?

So… maybe this is one of those cases of needing a license for source code?
Where we can only add custom toolbars to a personalizations and those can’t be saved in a customization? (Since I also noticed that UltraToolBar isn’t listed in the ToolBox when I’m in a customization).

Oh well, this wasn’t very high on my list anyway…

Guessing this is an existing request from my departure. Sometimes people don’t accept the answers you give them…