Perspectives - 2006

First off - it was nice to meet everyone at perspectives this year. Always
nice to be able to put a face with a name after years of emails back and

So for those of you who went ...

What was your reaction to the event:

- Jay Leno - Funny, really funny, outstanding? Anyone out there like to try
1 hr of non-stop jokes without a prompter?

- Classes and seminars - what worked and what didn't - what would change if
you could ?

- Third party products - which ones did you like? Were they well

- How would you rate the functionality / complexity of V8 versus V6.1?

- Of course the big question is are you, now, more or less interested in
moving up to V8? What did you see that motivated you to move forward and
what did you see that makes you want to hold back?

Todd Anderson