Phased out? Good while supplies last?

I am currently in the process of sending a mass email to all customers about the updated inventory, whether we have discontinued or “while supplies lasts.”

I have found where to search all parts via active or inactive, but is there a way to search by parts being phased out?


We are on E10, so this may not apply, but we use the Run Out flag to indicate a part that is being phased out. You can create a BAQ to look for parts where that flag is set and, if you need to run it often, make a BAQ search out of it.

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Run out flag

Andrew Fagan

This sounds good, but I am so clueless when it comes to BAQ’s.
I’ll try to play around on our “test” db and see what I can come up with.

Thank you,

@shetay29 this SQL query will return what I believe you are after.

select * from erp.Part where RunOut = 1

I am not finding SQL query unfortunately.
I don’t think we have it?

Dear Shelbie,
You can do it in Business Activity Query (BAQ) in the designer, drag the Part table onto the surface, then add a criterion of RunOut = specified constant and make the specified value 1. Go into Display and move for example the part number and part description into the displayed fields area. Then on the Analyze tab click the Test button and you should see your list. Right click, copy to Excel and you’ve got them in a spreadsheet.


Thank you Monty!

This worked like a charm, here I have never done a BAQ and I managed to do so with your help, I even ran a criteria on if its set as “inactive” = specified constant value 0.

this seemed to work, because I only need if it’s run out (if its still active)

Thank you! :smiley: