Physical Inventory single p/n not posting

I do not run PI so forgive me if some of my Epicor specific terminology is not correct.

We are done with our inventory however one part is not posted as per a parts not posted report. We confirmed the tags where returned. we have ran a number of inventories in the past and have not ran into this issue. The report states Reason Not Posted Ready for posting and not yet evaluated. We have tried but can not post this individual part.

Any ideas on where to look/start to resolve this issue?

if you search on EpicCare you get a bunch of hits for cycle count reason not posted.

This guide might help.

Epicor generates a log file when you post counts that should give you some information about why that particular part didn’t post. You can use the Server File Download function to find the file under Directory Type: Company and in the /Temp/[username] folder.

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Definitely do what @tsmith said.

But some specific things from memory:

  1. Check if the part is “allocated.” Part Tracker, for example shows this. Open pack slips containing the part will stop a count from posting, for example.
  2. With cycle counts, anyway, there’s a known bug where you can’t have this combination:
    a. Snapshot of qty X
    b. Count of qty X (i.e. it matches the snapshot)
    c. Activity Before Count that is nonzero

It’s a bug. Don’t ask why. You just have to fudge the numbers to get it to post. See KB0030177.

And you covered the returned tags thing. :+1:

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