Picking from multiple zones based on Release Qty

We are designing a new warehouse with 3 zones.
Pallet Qty zones
Box Qty Zone
Eaches Zone

Part Codes exist in all 3 zones.
Part UOM’s are set up as EA, OBX and PAL per PartNum.

When we try and Send an Order Release through fulfilment we can either send it by Wave to only 1 Zone or to a Primary Bin rather than split the Release into 3 material queue records based on multiples of the UOMs.

For example. I have an Order Release for 1421 Eaches.
I want 1400 to be picked from Pallet Zone as it is a PAL UOM
I want 20 to be picked from Box as it is a OBX UOM
I want 1 to be picked from Each Zone as it is an EA UOM

Is there a way in Epicor ERP? I have been told this was possible in Prophet21.

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