Planning/tracking nonconformance parts


We are having problems with non-conformance parts not showing up as “On-hand quantity” while they are pending inspection, leading to new PO suggestions to purchase more of the given part as soon as possible despite the possiblity that the non-conforming parts will return to inventory. Parts that go directly from PO receipt to Inspection (PUR-INS) do show up as on-hand quantity in Time Phase and Part On Hand Status (Under “Receipt Inspection”) while in Inspection, but nonconforming (STK-INS) parts do not (they show up under “Nonconform. Inspection” within Part On Hand Status but not Time Phase).

Is it possible for non-conforming inventory to be handled the same as Receipt Inspection parts, such that they are considered “On Hand” inventory but still quarantied not available?

What would be the best way to remedy this situation?

Thank you in advance for any assistance!

That’s just how it works. Any item flagged for inspection on a PO, Epicor will assume it is good/useable until proven otherwise.

Any other type of nonconformance outside of a PO receipt, Epicor will assume it is bad/unusable until proven otherwise.

If you are finding yourself passing too great a percentage of parts that get flagged as nonconforming, it may be a good idea to reexamine your criteria.


This is a challenge either way. At the time they are nonconformed, who knows if they will be good (nettable) or bad (non-nettable)? My preference would be to have any nonconformed parts be nettable, but maybe others would prefer the opposite. Epicor had to make a choice.
The only solution I’ve come up with for this situation is to inform the buyers via better dashboards - to show the non-nettable NC parts alongside the nettable. New PO Suggestions won’t show it.

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Same challenge here. A workaround that we have discussed but haven’t implemented yet, is to add some filtering on the PO Suggestions search to hide any PO Suggestions that are related to an item with an open NonConformance/DMR.

Thanks for the insights! It seems like Epicor could have made this an option rather than making it only work one way or the other. We’re still working on finding the best solution for our organization, but I think we may try to create a pop-up for buyers to warn them about any non-conforming quantities.