Planning Workbench - Type New: Create Job or Link Job to an existing Job

As we are still in test mode, I’m noticing that we are getting a lot of suggestions in Planning Workbench. We were told during data migration that Planning Workbench is the “land of misfits” where parts with Rev, MOM, Sales order, etc… errors appear. I see that there are parts without revisions showing up (which is a good sign, we’re missing the MOMs and revs for these) but I’m having trouble understanding some of the other parts. At first glance, the MOMs exist and look correct. Sales orders are make direct.

Does anyone have any experience with troubleshooting parts on the Planning Workbench? I notice Warehouse is blank for some of these as well - would this have to do with anything? Also wondering if a subcomponent of the parent is missing a rev/mom, would this push the parent part to the workbench? Thank you!

It is not uncommon to see a bunch of noise/conflicting/erroneous suggestions right out of the box - for Jobs and POs
Ref Tables: PartSug (New/Change Job), SugPOChg (Change PO) and SugPoDtl (New PO)

When I’m starting out, I tend to add my own BAQs/Dashboards that look for problems with PO’s, jobs and methods which are specific to my site.

Then I might experiment with the modifiers in the program that can help reduce the false positive “noise”. e.g. “Reschedule Out Delta” or “Reschedule In Delta” can be helpful with PO suggestions.

I would be interested in what others have to say too.
My experience is that each site is different, there are no (or at least not many) simple answers.

Thanks for the reply! I’ve fixed some of the parts where there were issues with subcomponents, but the parent part still stays on the workbench.

Any other replies about their experiences would be welcomed!

Also, have you already looked at the embedded E10 Help?
It includes information from several Technical Reference Guides.
And links to PDF versions, (I think) a little handier.
Somewhat “dry” reading but… also a ton of good info in these.
e.g. here is a screenshot of the MRP Tech Ref Guide

Briefly, but I will take a closer look at that. Thank you!

Hi Kyle,

We use the Planning workbench significantly. We have make direct as well as make to inventory parts that we sell. We have some very complex and custom mfd parts and some standard ones. In our company the Planning workbench shows new planning suggestions when:

  • we have custom parts needing to get method created to mfr, either for inventory or for make direct to sales order

  • also, it shows new planning suggestions for mfr of parts that do NOT have process MRP checked on them

  • also, it shows new planning suggestions for parts that DO have process MRP checked on them and DO have an approved method, but MRP has not run yet