PN which includes multiple Serialized PNs

Hi All,

We have systems that consist of multiple part numbers that are serialized, and we do not use full serial tracking(to much overhead for our small business). In E9 I understand this meant we had to have customers purchase each serialized part number as a separate line item. Our marketing and sales teams have always been frustrated with this, and as we migrate to E10 we’d like to revisit this topic. Any suggestions as to how we can allow a customer to place an order for a single part number that consists of multiple serialized part numbers that doesn’t require full serial tracking(every inventory transaction requires not only a qty but also a list of serial numbers)?

So you just need a list of the serial numbers on piece parts that go into the final assembly?

As an example say we sell part number end_product, and on the BOM of end_product we have a widget_x and a widget_y. Both widget_x and widget_y are serialized parts. My understanding was that in E9 since we don’t have full serial tracking turned on, this won’t work. Instead we have to tell our customers to purchase widget_x on one line and widget_y as a second line item. This is what we’ve always done, and Marketing/Sales keeps telling us this is terrible we have to be able to let our customers just purchase end_product.

How are you wanting to get the serial number? Just read it when you ship it? From your post, you don’t want to track it through your process right? And what is your environment? Are you Cloud or on Prem? Control will dictate what you can do customization wise.

You could enable serial tracking only at time of shipment. But this doesn’t solve your “final assembly” problem where widget_x and widget_y need to go together to make line 1 on the order. I haven’t tried this (money back guaranteed though), but maybe try creating a sales kit that has both widgets. I wonder if it would pull both widgets from inventory AND allow you to declare serial numbers at time of shipment too.

And what’s the reason for not serializing P/N : end_product ?

@ckrusen We sell modular “systems” where there are two main “widgets” that make up a “system”. This gives users the flexibility to buy the system that best suits their needs.

Our previous Epicor developer told us to sell a system(1 line item composed of two serialized widgets) we’d have to turn on full serial tracking which meant every serialized part would need a serial number up front(we don’t assign serial numbers until we know a system will ship - all ops were successfully completed) and every transaction would require not only a qty but also a list of serial numbers. We concluded the costs associated with full serial tracking exceeded the value it would bring.

As we upgrade to E10 we wanted to revisit this issue as Marketing and Sales is not happy our ERP system is constraining how we sell products(they want a single line item for a system).

Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated.

Create a Sales Kit for the end product. Either make a separate sales kit for each combination or allow the sales kit to be edited at entry.

Shipping will put the sales kit on the line and will have to designate which serial number they pulled.

You said that widget_x and widget_y were already serialized.

If you just enable Serialization for end_product, you only have to generate a S/N for it when it is “made”.

And if you only “make” them when required, you’d just create a job for end_product consisting of the two widgets. When you issue the widgets to the Job, you’ll specify the S/Ns of the widgets used. When you complete the job the job you’ll assign the S/N’s to the end_product.