PO- Change Rel Due Date without Unapproving

Is there any way to change PO Rel due date without unapproving and reapproving? We use both promise date and due date similarly. Promise date is open for editing when approved which is how we also want due date to be. Is there a way to do this with customization or is it very difficult to get around?

Our approval process does not care for the dates so it is not really a big deal.


It’s a fairly big process. The Due Date field is used throughout the system to define if things will be late, MRP, Time Phase, etc. Since it is locked during approval, the only way to reliably set this value would be to unapprove and re-approve.

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The easiest way for the user is an uBAQ. It still has to do the unapprove/reapprove behind the scenes, but the user is unaware and you can do a lot of them without opening PO Entry.

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The user that changes the Date though will be the new Approval Person, FYI.

Thanks for the response. Could you give me a little more info on the logic behind unapprove/reapproving through a uBAQ. What does it do behind the scenes to do this without the user having to do?

Good to know, we don’t use approvals so our buyers would not have noticed. they mostly only work their own POs.

After some searching I actually found another post on this forum that walked through how to do a similar process for PO Comments. I set up an uBAQ and then changed the BASE processing directive to unapprove and reapprove several fields for my situation. Thanks for your suggestion!

I does the unapprove, then updates and finally reapproves. Mine is custom code since I have not moved over to widgets yet, but @danbedwards shared his ubaq to do this for comments and should work for what you are doing.


LOL. I had started my comment and got on a support call.

Anyway good that you got it working.

This is what I found! Thanks!

I have gotten this to work to change dates and promise dates for the header level and release level. What I would like to be able to do is push the header dates to all release dates when the header dates are changed. (The system in PO Entry asks if you would like to do this when you approve or save the PO after changing the header dates) I would like to replicate this same feature in my updatable dashboard.
Do you know how this is done? I am assuming it would have to be done in the BPM.

I have not done much with the widgets yet. That was on my Insights list to learn. I would try in Dan’s flow in the PDF after the getbyid using Update Table by query to set the detail and releases duedates to the header date.

I believe if you send POHeader.UpdateDtlAndRelRecords as true it will update lines/releases along with the header.

That doesn’t seem to update the Dtl and Rel lines with the header dates. I set that field to true when reapproving and before the Defaultmpl code widget and it does not affect the updating. I am currently changing the PO variable table set because I cannot change the ttResults POHeader.UpdateDtlAndRelRecords because it is not a display field that I can add. Any other ideas?


If you are using a BPM I think you need to set this to true at the same time you changed the dates. I think it is similar to Sales Orders.

But I never write bpms or anything related to customizations so I could be wrong.

Use Updatable BAQ to update the due date on PO release with custom code. I am using from Epicor 9 days when Updatable BAQ was introduced and it works fine. PORel.DueDate has std. trigger which updates PartDtl due date. So MRP, Time Phase, ChgLog, etc are taken care.

Hello Guys,

I am working on this one but got stuck. This BPM works completely fine and doing it for PODetail.DueDate at line level. We got a request just to be able to modify due date. I am following all the steps but it is not working. Am I missing something? Sorry this might be dumb question but I am still new to Epicor.

Any leads will be appreciated.

Thank you

@itsme Can you post a screenshot of the bpm? What is working and not working with the bpm?