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On a PO that is approved I tried to click the checkbox for Confirmed and got the message “Purchase Order Is Approved, Field TermsCodeDescription cannot be changed” Anyone seen this before?

You must unapproved the PO before ANY changes can be made to it.

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Did Charlie Smith just answer Charlie Smith?

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I would offer that this should be brought to Support. I do not feel that the PO should be unapproved, simply to say the Supplier Confirmed.


That is a bit unusual, but I really didn’t answer myself. I agree that this should not be tied to the approved since it is not transactional.

And thank you Charlie for the quick answer.

I think you MIGHT be able to change the Promise Date without un-approving first. But I completely agree with the Charlies and Jason. Un-approving and and re-approving can sometimes change the price back to a supplier price list amount if you don’t remember to lock it which can confuse the supplier and cause payment problems with the Payables team.

No problem, Charlie

You can absolutely confirm a PO after it’s approved that’s the appropriate order of operations. Something else is/was going on in that situation. We use a web portal to make our suppliers confirm the POs themselves after we approve and print them.

What version are you running? We are on 10.2.400.23 and get the following when we do that: A Business Logic error pops up that says “Purchase Order 717041 is approved. Field(s) TermCodeDescription cannot be changed”

Is it possible that someone updated the Terms master, and now the Terms Description on the PO doesn’t match what the Trems.Description for the selected Terms is?

  1. Terms Code: NET30, Description: “Net 30”
  2. PO was created with Terms NET30, saving “Net 30” to the PO’s TermCodeDescription
  3. Terms code NET30 had its Description changed from “Net 30” to “Net 30 days”
  4. When the PO is trying to update (for the change to the Confirmed flag), it wants to update the TermCodeDescription (as it has “changed” from “Net 30” to “Net 30 days”

I also suspect something like this might be occurring. Is it just one PO try entering a new one from scratch and reproducing the issue.

So after digging deeper, it turns out that one term was corrupted. Good call Calvin. I tested repeatedly and discovered that only that one term had the problem. I opened the term clicked save and closed it, no changes. Problem disappeared.
Thanks for all the help and suggestions folks, Epicor support was to the point of trying to get development to write a one off fix. I suspect that the corruption happened during data conversion. We are 3 weeks from go live and upgrading from Vantage 8. This was our test go live and has not worked as well as hoped.