PO Due Date & Scheduling

I have a PO Due Date/Job Scheduling question. There are two cases:

  1. If a job requires a specific material to get started, how does Global Scheduling consider the material due date in its calculations? If the PO Due Date for the material changes, will the job reschedule?

  2. Same as above but instead of a specific material, the job has a subcontract op with a po tied to it. How does Global Scheduling use the current and then the new PO Due Date when it schedules?


The job requirement date dictates PO due date. If the due date is later than the job requirement date for the material or subcontract operation, MRP will generate a change PO suggestion to bring the material in sooner.

That’s were MRP holds its ground. If you want job X done on time, you need to material Y here by the required date.

That being said, Changing the lead time on a part or days out on the subcontract op will be taken into consideration by the scheduling process.