PO history of purchased parts


I need to create a BAQ that would look at Purchase orders that were placed in a current month (or selected date range) and based on part results it the search would pull all PO’s for parts in interest. I was able to display the data but of course the data repeats. I’m not good with the joint types but I think that would be what I need to correct. Any help would be very much appreciated

why the second brach Tables 4, 5, 6, & 8)?

I’d order them like:

  1. Part
  2. PODetal
  3. PORel
  4. POHeader
  5. Vendor

getting rid of the bottom branch and putting the criteria in the above tables.

Thank you very much for your fast response. The reason I did that was that I have to run first search for particular date range and then based on those results I run a second search for part Numbers from the first search.

Basically what I am looking for is: For all PO’s placed in lets say January, I need to search for PO history for the purchased part… hope I explained myself :slight_smile:

Do you need to see the PO’s placed in January even if they weren’t for the part in question?

Something like the following as the final result:


Thats 3 PO’s (12345,12346, & 12347), showing all line and release numbers, but only PartNUm and RelQty when PartNum is ANVIL or SPRING

Or do you just want to see the rows where the partnumber is a match, like:


I need to see PO’s placed in January and then compare them to previous placed for the same part. We have about 25000 parts and many POs I want only get back Pos related to parts from first search.

This is a result of my original search. If I could only get rid of duplicates I would probably be done

Why not create a subquery to get the parts in POs from the date range, using the “distinct” result set option to limit rows, and then use that subquery as criteria for the main search? Something like “where PartNum in (subquery)”.

Thank you Ashley, that is exactly what I ended up doing, I found that on youtube. The only thing I don’t understand is the difference between All rows and Distinct results. I don’t seem to see the difference in the search results. Your help is very much appreciated, thank you again.