PO receipt mistake


our receive and inspection employee made a mistake he received way to much by accident on a PO and want to know how other companies deal with this mistake.

Not sure how inspection will affect it, but if it hasn’t been invoiced, you can edit the PO receipt.

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create NCR (from Stock or Job) with relevant code, something like Inspector Error, or Adjust Qty if inspected to Stock

Are most common problem is when the UOMs differ. Here’s a detailed flow of events (remember, we don’t use inspection)

  1. PO Issued for 10 DZ of stocked item
  2. PO Receipt for the PO
    a. Pack slip says 120 EA.
    b. Receiver incorrectly receives 120 DZ. Stock is over stated by 110 DZ
    c. A PUR-STK tran is created with a QTY of 120 DZ, with the tran date equal to the receipt date received
  3. It’s discovered that the receipt is in error
  4. Pack slip from step 2 is loaded into Receipt Entry
    a. Line for 120 DZ is deleted, and pack slip saved.
    b. This creates a PUR-STK tran for a qty of -120 DZ. It also re-opens the PO Release.
    c. Line for the 10 DZ is added, and pack slip saved
    d. This creates a PUR-STK tran for a qty of 10 DZ. This also closes the PO Release and line.
    QOH and GL accts should now all be correct.


  • The new part trans in step 4 will have a tran date equal to the one used for step 2. if that is in a closed period, then make sure you act accordingly in the Capture WIP/COS process.
  • You cannot change a PO Receipt after an AP Invoice is applied against it.