PO Receipt vs. Container Receipt in Epicor 10

We have just upgraded to Epicor 10. We have PO’s with multiple releases, some could be linked to a container and the others may not. In Epicor 9, we were able to receive the releases not linked to a container through PO Receipt Entry. Now, in Epicor 10, when we try to enter the receipt for a release not linked to a container through PO Receipt entry, we get this message PO Receipt Entry This Purchase Order has one or more associated Container Detail lines. Use Container Receipts to update receipt data for this PO. We are unable to go any further. This is affecting our current processes. Does anyone know if this is new functionality in E10 or if there is a setting I’m missing? I tried changing the settings for landed cost in company configuration but it did not affect anything. Thanks!

Try using this.


Are you sure your PO lines/releases are not checked as containers?

You are correct.
In E10, if you enter a container landed cost entry, then you can not use receipt entry for any of the other lines in the same PO.
The only option is to create different PO.

Thank you Craig. Unfortunately we do not want to use Container Receipt Entry as the release/line should not be linked to the container.

Yes, I made sure they were not.

Thank you. We were able to receive the unlinked lines in Receipt Entry in E9. Do you know when and why they would have changed this functionality?