PO sales tax flag

Would appreciate any assistance with a BPM on the PO Entry, specifically with the field for the “Sales Tax”. It’s currently always flagged as True, but I want to change it to False. I created the following BPM and it is not working as planned.
Post Processing
method code of Erp.PO.GetNewPODetail
execute synchronously

//for first ttPODetail:
//IF ttPODetail.Taxable = true then
//Assign ttPODetail.Taxable = false

Thank you for any suggestions.

Here’s the Post-Processing Method Directive we have on PO.GetNewPODetail:

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Tyler, perfect!!! Thanks for the timely help.

Thanks for this @tsmith. Using this process I was able to amend for a requirement to set PO QTY & date to be checked.

I don’t have a copy of E9 handy, but there is a setting in Company Configuration that you might want to check, and possible clear: