PO Sugestions' SugReason is empty

Hello everyone,
I know that in PO Suggestion the SugReason column shows 4 types that tell me why it was suggested.
But, as you can see below, the reason column for most suggestions is empty.
Why is this column mostly empty? Do i need to set up?
Please let me know if you have any other screens or questions. Thanks.

If you look at those suggestions that are blank, can you deduce if any of those 4 listed should have used? Maybe ‘blank’ is a valid value when none of the others are warranted.

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Most of the suggestions are that Below Safety. Then it should appear as “S”.
I don’t know why it doesn’t show up.

In your original post, there was one that had the “S”.


What does the Time Phase look like for that part.

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The Time Phase of the part, indicated by an “S”
Looking at this screen, I think I know something.(not sure though)
SugReason seems to only appear when there is a Required Qty like Job. It doesn’t seem to show up when it goes below the safe stock for other reasons, such as simply inventory adjustments.
If so, can’t it be set to display “S” when it goes below the safety stock for whatever reason?