PO Suggestion multiple times for same date

I can’t figure out why there are 3x PO suggestions for QTY of 1 when there should be just one PO sugg for QTY 3 (last 3 lines on screen below):

From Part > site >planning

@Matt_Belshaw There is a feature called Split PO lines on Part Class that could be doing this. We use it to separate POs for different jobs. Check the purchasing comments on those job materials.

From Field help in Part Class Entry:

Split PO Line

Indicates that purchase suggestions for part records with unique Purchasing comments should generate a different purchase order line for each part entry.

Example: Part DSS-1000 is requested by two different operation lines on a job. If this check box is selected and the Purchasing comments are different for each operation line, the parts are kept as two different purchase order suggestions. If the check box is cleared, the parts would be combined into a single purchase order suggestion.

Thanks for the info Greg but I checked the Part Class and it wasn’t set to do Split PO lines. Also when moving the suggestions to a PO I get one line but four releases.

There are 3 lines referencing different jobs. This material on those jobs is probably marked “purchase direct”. If the material was not marked purchase direct, you would get 1 line for New PO Suggestion for quantity 3 (as the jobs would bring your inventory below minimum or 0, and the suggestion would then be consolidated into 1 line). Like you said, creating POs for those 3 lines results in 1 PO, 1 line, with 3 releases (each linked to the demand jobs).

We like the Purchase Direct for material we don’t stock or for material were we do not have enough in-stock because once the material is received it is directed directly to the job (it does not go to the stock room first).

Hi Brian,

We’ve moved away from Purchase Direct and double checking against the part in the job it doesn’t like we are using it

Your original snips were Time Phase and Part.
What does your New PO Suggestions, Material List look like for this part?

Hi Brian,

New PO Sugg info

I’ve been making some changes to try and understand this better. This is our TEST environment so some of the older jobs were not helping on the Time Phase view. Steps so far:

  1. Adjusted QTY to cover the demand of older jobs
  2. Reduced lead time from 15 to 5 on Supplier Price list

Now things seem better:

It also seems when the part was in negative QTY, due to old jobs not being processed, MRP was using different calculations on the Order QTY.

We are stop on NEG QTY for all part classes.

Thanks all for your input. Not sure I’m 100% happy on this but one to keep an eye on. Also, no min set on this part yet so hoping we’ll never see this in LIVE.