PO suggestions creating multiple Po's per Supplier

When working in PO suggestions after a re-gen of MRP, we choose items to buy and then click action “generate purchase orders”. Not in all cases, but in some, the system creates multiple POs and there does not seem to be any rhyme or reason. In one case it took 6 items and split them into two orders, and in another, it took 17 items and put 13 on one order and 4 on the other. We can’t see that it has anything o do with dates, because some lines on each Po have the same delivery date.

Any ideas?

I assume it is just splitting them, and not creating any dups

I seem to recall someone saying something about the demand can force them onto separate PO’s. Like If Buy To Order lines on a sales Order have different comments.

These are all inventory, stock items, no buy to order, though we have had a few parts that were imported with non-stock bearing flags, so I’ll start there. Thanks

Or are these suggestions created from MIN/MAX settings?