PO Suggestions

We’ve been working on refining MRP and Suggestions parameters.
We took a part of limited scope to start with.
Days of supply 30
Lead time 0
no short horizon or urgent planning settings.
I set the planning time fence to 0 and the in / out deltas as zero.
Site has a supplier due date horizon of 2 days
Only demand on this part are Forecast records.

Looking at 3/1, inventory drops below the minimum on hand, and we need 8.
I expect it to look out 30 days from 3/1, which is 3/31, to determine any further demand, though there is none.
So I receive a suggestion for the 8. Great.
But it is dated 2/24, and I’m not clear why?

Without suggestions

With suggestions

Double check all of the locations that a lead time can be entered to see if there is one being applied. Supplier Price List, Site Configuration (I think), Part Class, etc.

There could be one applied somewhere other than the Part Plant record (which is what shows on the Time Phase).

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One other thought, do you have any values on your forecast window? If so, I’d try to run with 0 on before and after and see if get same results. Your suggestion is always a week before the forecast date, 2/24 for 3/1, 3/31 for 4/5. Also, you don’t have a receive time on the part / site / planning tab do you?



Check the other planning parameters like receive time .

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Notice on the first screen shot you have an Order By date and it is 2/24. Your site has a supplier due date horizon of 2 days. Also, it is looking at the calendars. Do you have a supplier calendar that this supplier is linked to? That will play with the date. And then, is there a Receive time set up?

Supplier Price List has zeroes for Days and Lead
Part Class has zeroes, and has no Site specific entries for this class ID
the Detail/Planning tab of this Site record has all zeroes, excepted the noted 2 days for supplier due date horizon
The forecast demand here has 0 days before, 7 days after. I think I’ll have to delete them and recreate, though, I cannot edit the Days after.

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The supplier calendar for this vendor is 7 days a week.
I agree the 2 days should come in.

Receive time, on part and part class (class takes precedence?)
I see 3 days on the part / site / planning page.
Our Part Class records has all zeroes, and no site specific pages.

So we’re up to 5 days!

How many days a week is your Production Calendar? Do you have resource calendars set up?

The calendar tied to the vendor on that purchased part is a a 7 day calendar

That means the vendor can send the part any day of the week. Your Production Calendar guides the number of days that you can receive purchased parts in the door. How many days a week are on that? Are there any non-working days?

This is the calendar on Site Maint \ Detail tab \ Planning tab?
That was always a 7 day calendar, and I looked now to find it’s been edited down to 5, thank you!
Thanks Beth.
I’ll work with this and see what I get now, thanks again for all the help!

@Thughes281 Happy to help! There are so many things that affect PO Suggestions, it can be a daunting task to figure out what causes dates for ordering, etc.