POForm custom report multiplying release quantity by number of misc charges

This one’s a little tricky. We have a PO with a qty of 3,000 per line, with 6 miscellaneous charges. On the custom report we normally use, it’s showing the line qty as 18,000. We’ve confirmed this is only happening with this one report style, and with PO’s that have multiple misc charges. An older report style we don’t typically use has the same Row Groups and the same logic calculating line quantities (unchanged from stock report), and the older report doesn’t have this problem. The logic behind the qty is just SUM(Fields!RelQty.Value), grouped by PO Line. Does anyone know why this might be happening?

Is this a custom SSRS made from a BAQ, or is this a modification of the POForm?

It’s a modification of POForm.

I had a similar problem where my misc charges we being duplicated, it seemed that during testing, when you upload the report it duplicates in the server or something. Go and try to open the subreport with the misc charges, and check the query that is in there. Probably you will see that there is duplicated code. Compare it to the original report.

Hope this helps!