POForm report doubling order quantities for one specific PO

We’re seeing this issue on a purchase order:

it’s doubling our release lines, which is in turn doubling our Order Qty.
I managed to fix the doubled release line part of the problem, by opening the PORelPArt subform and grouping it by PORelNum. The Order Quantity is still double what it should be.
I checked a similar PO which has multiple releases and multiple PO lines, and this issue’s only affecting the one PO. It’s also only causing this problem on the custom report style we use as the default-- every other report style shows the quantity correctly. What could be causing this?

Did you ever find a solution for this? We just went live last week and I ran across it on one PO. We are using a modified report style, and the Standard style doesn’t replicate the problem, so I chalked it up to a bad modification, but I couldn’t find anything in the modified style that would cause it.

Must be an Issue in the query of RDL, Once RDL gets copied or opened it will get changed.
You have to look into the joins of the dataset query.

Thanks for your suggestion. I took a look at the dataset queries in the subreports. They looked like they had been mauled by a Sync Dataset process at some point so I replaced them with the queries from the default report style. It fixed the problem, but it still baffles me that I was only seeing it on one line of one PO.